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Batteries might die, but print isn’t dead.

We’ve improved printing: larger maps, bigger text, and a cleaner layout! While in a route, just hit CTRL + P (or + P ) or click the icon.

No data, no 3G, no problem. Soon.

We know texting is still the backbone of most mobile users’ lives, so we’re polishing our SMS service and will be releasing it soon. Stay tuned.

A Nokia 1100. Still the most popular phone in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what’s all this, then? is a web service and app that helps people use jeepneys, buses, and trains in Metro Manila. It’s like Google Maps or Waze, but for commuting!

It was originally built as an entry to the Philippine Transit App Challenge (PTAC), where it won the Open Community Award.

Do you have an app?

You asked, and we listened! You can get it now for iOS and Android.

You can also visit on your smartphone or tablet’s built-in browser! For real. Check it out.

Does this work everywhere?

We currently support the Metro Manila area, and are working to expand outwards. Stay tuned!

Wow. Is this free?

You bet. We expect to keep the service and app free for the foreseeable future.

If you want to help out, share the word! (Tweet? FB?) Tell your friends about Contribute data. Maybe even donate?

I’m having trouble getting my ”Current Location”.

There are a few possible reasons:

  • You didn’t allow us access to your location.
  • Your browser or OS has location services disabled.
  • Your PC or phone does not have GPS or Wi-Fi.

Your directions are wrong. What gives?

Sorry about that! The baseline data was graciously provided by the DOTC, LTFRB, MMDA, and other agencies. It’s choppy because volunteer students from UP actually rode around in jeepneys with smartphones tracing their path.

We’ve been working hard to improve this, however. We now include additional routes (such as the Fort buses, among others), and have been updating metadata such as fares when we can. If you want, feel free to contribute with a pull request!

You never reply to any of my texts </3

Turns out using a regular, normal phone for a gateway isn’t such a great idea. Nor is using a regular SIM card and unli-text. We’ve since taken it down.

We’re working hard to have a solid, reliable solution in place for everyone. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

I liked your old site design better.

No worries, you can still check it out at Please let us know why, though! Maybe over Twitter, Facebook, or email?

Who built this thing, anyway?

The original version was created by Thomas Dy and as an entry to the PTAC hackathon, but is now a full-fledged product of By Implication.

Some of our other projects include Storylark, Sari Software, and Open Reconstruction.

I’d like to learn more about how you built this.

If you’re interested in the original version, you should drop by Thomas’ blog. He’s very pleasant. It’s also open-source! You can find it on GitHub.

The current version is built on top of React. We’re also putting a new blog up soon, but some of us find writing articles harder than writing code.

This is cool. Can you build my website / app / game / house?

If you’ve got an application, site or game idea that you’d like to build with us, drop us a line atcontact@byimplication.comand we’ll see what we can do. We’re often fully booked, but we’ll do our absolute best to help you out!

Houses, though. Houses we can’t do very well. Yet.

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