Get Directions

Setting the landmark for advertising platforms.

We put your brand on the map. Take it to the next stop, by creating campaigns for customers that leverage their foot traffic.

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setting the landmarks for advertising platforms

Uncover the invisible, with our intelligent location based Marketing Platform.

  • Online & Offline

    Build and reach audiences by leveraging both online and offline promotions.

  • Provide Context

    Let your brand be top of mind, by providing context that can convert.

  • Targeting Commuters

    Earn repeat business by targeting commuters on their day to day routes.

  • Data Analysis

    Actionable insights and data analysis on your clients foot fall and usage patterns.

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Why Sakay

  • 15 million searches

    15 Million

  • 500,000 searches


  • 150,000 monthly active

    Monthly Active

  • 25,000 daily searches

    Daily Searches

  • 4.5 star rating

    4.5 Star
    App Rating

We have also worked with

  • Andok's


  • Gatorade


  • Uber


  • Intramuros


  • 7 Eleven

    7 Eleven

Our Packages and Offers

  • Cost Per Mille Campaigns
    Cost Per Mille Campaigns

    We work with you to get the most bang per buck. You can pre-purchase impressions for your brand in Php 50,000, Php 100,000 and Php 300,000 blocks, without committing to any monthly subscriptions.

  • Become a Brand Partner
    Become a Brand Partner

    We can also work with you, on a month to month basis. Giving you actionable insights on your data, conversions and foot fall. We have a flat, per branch rate that scales with the more branches you have on the platform. We also help you advertise your campaigns and give you a dedicated Account Manager.

  • Data Prospecting and Analysis
    Data Prospecting and Analysis

    We also offer our location data expertise to generate actionable insights. We can help you select new locations based on just where your customers are coming and going from. Our consultancy arm and data science partnerships work with to give you the best location based data.

  • Custom Campaigns
    Custom Campaigns

    We’ve worked with brands such as Uber to leverage their APIs and pre-existing technology. If the above doesn’t fit, you can always work with us on something else. Send us a an enquiry and book a demo — today!

Case Study

How we worked with Uber

We worked with Uber on a three month time frame, on one of our custom campaigns. We leveraged their API and integrated them unto the main Sakay platform. They launched a new promo code with us and we were able to deliver some great results. The ad was delivered to over 33,000 commuters, with an 15% conversion rate to Uber. The campaign was done over both iOS and Android.

Case Study

Take a tour of the Walled City

We’ve partnered with Intramuros, the historical walled city. We worked with this area to highlight historical locations as transit stops. We don’t just work with brands, we work with local governments and cultural stakeholders.

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