Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

By using or any of its related applications and services, including Traincheck, Lite for Free Basics, and the mobile apps for iOS and Android, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

These Terms of Service can be modified as necessary, at any time.

Intellectual Property and Ownership

All information, content, designs, branding, methods, and features displayed in our services are the copyright and intellectual property of By Implication, Inc. unless otherwise noted.

You may not collect, save, copy, reshare, publish, or reuse any of this copyrighted material, in original or in modified form, unless given express written consent by By Implication /

You agree not to reverse engineer or use the underlying APIs in any manner other than that provided by the application, unless given express written consent by By Implication /

Liability does its best to provide useful suggestions, but we cannot be held liable for any accident, misdirection, or other incident due to usage of any information from our service.

Advertisements reserves the right to display advertisements on its website, apps, and related services.

Data Collection reserves the right to collect anonymized information about your usage of our services. This includes but is not limited to location data, usage patterns, cookies, and information typed into fields. You consent that data gathered from or submitted by you can be used for By Implication / may be used for improving its services and commercial purposes. Any information that we collect is anonymized and does not include personally identifying information.

Use of Location Data in Mobile Apps

The mobile apps for iPhone and Android may use your location as provided by GPS, cell-towers, or wi-fi. This use of your location is opt-in and you may choose not to provide your location by adjusting your phone's privacy settings.

For the purposes of providing direction information, we use this data to show and update your location on the map, and as a shortcut for setting origin or destination. Our analytics may also collect your location in a non-identifiable, anonymized manner in aggregate for use as described in the previous section, but individual searches are not associated with your location.